"Petrichor" by Monday Nights

"Petrichor" by Monday Nights


You will I'm sure be aware of the debut single from Monday Nights, "Flight" which also appears on ‘Hot Music Live Presents Volume Five'. They have now released its follow-up "Petrichor", which is out today.

If, as I am, you are unfamiliar with the title of the song, I'm advised that it refers to "a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm dry weather": a useful word to know & for that alone I am grateful to them.

When I first interviewed them for the magazine just under a year ago, they expressed hopes for releases in early 2021: understandably that didn't come quite to pass, but the wait has been worth it: the quality of the song trumps the delay in importance & it's much better to ensure that it was made under the best possible conditions in order to burnish their growing reputation in its relative early stages. This is played with taste & restraint as well as talent, with passionate and articulate vocals: even better than that, it possesses heart.

An upbeat number, it's expressed desire to "soar" links it to its predecessor as does the upwardly aspirational feel to it. Monday Nights have only released two songs in their nascent career but each is so well crafted and uplifting that the outlook for their career in most encouraging: great songs which touch hearts & leave you feeling better at the end than you did before hearing them deserve big audiences.

Talking of which, Monday Nights have recently re-emerged back onto the live scene, getting out of both lockdown and their home base in Rugby: it's great to see them getting gigs now in Leamington as well as the good news about their talent spreads.

The single's name will attract attention (never a bad idea) but that is merely the starting point: once you've heard it, the real impact will happen and I look forward to catching them and reviewing them live: a whole set of such material would be most impressive.

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