'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Five'

'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Five'


We are delighted to announce the release of 'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Five': eighteen more totally original tracks by Coventry & Warwickshire musicians, demonstrating the depth & diversity of local music. The album is available as a free download from:




'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Five' is dedicated to the memory of Maureen "Moe" Ansell (1946-2021), one of the biggest supporters of local music for some six decades. You could not imagine a greater enthusiast for Coventry & Warwickshire music.


Moe's son Danny is featured on 'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Three'


The tracks on the album are:


"Boogie Disease" by Voodoo Kings

"Make Babies" by Duck Thieves

"Bullfighter" by Massasauga

"You Are" (Live Lockdown Performance) by Luna Kiss

"Trees" by The Mechanicals Band

"Stay At Home" by Carrick

"Make You Stay" (Exclusive String Mix) by Kenzie Webley

"Castle With The Lights On" by Shannon Stevenson

"In This Living" by Maz Corry

"Along The Tracks" by Steven John Birks

"All The Forgotten Stars" by Levi Washington

"Sing It To Me" by Rob Lee Thompson

"Slow" by Jonny Olley

"The Fear of Missing Out" by Drop Down Smiling

"Flight" (2021 Remaster) by Monday Nights

"True Love" by Ex Lover

"2 Turntables, a Mic and Some Vinyl" (We Are 23 Remix) by Scum Like Us

"Pig Fuck Initiation" by Dispute Settlement Mechanism


Hopefully everyone reading this article will have a listen & download the album, hopefully raising their awareness of artists with whom they might not previously have been familiar.


It would be most helpful if everyone could share the link to the album (and of course its four predecessors) as it is key to the project's aim to increase awareness of the talent out there & hopefully help grow their audiences in a period when they can't do this themselves via live performances.

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