"Darling" by Batsch

"Darling" by Batsch


It was April when I wrote about the "Colour of Love" single by Batsch in the magazine.

Three months on, defying lockdown, they are back with "Darling" (though in fairness it was recorded before the situation clamped down).

The recording took place at the Tin and in addition to members Mason Le Long, Joe Carvell,
Matt Rheeston & Andy Whitehead, it features Lætitia Sadier guesting on vocals and Pink Shabab on bass.

Less ambient in tone than its predecessor, the song has the edginess so characteristic of their work: an unsettling arrangement which never seems comfortable settling for any length of time. If anything it evokes at times what ‘Sergeant Pepper' might have sounded like if recorded by a garage band or at least one with a far lower budget than the band who actually did it. A psychedelic summer afternoon in Coventry. The lo-fi sensitivity evident in the cover art is reflected in the arrangement (not that the production itself is anything less than excellent) and offers a stark rawness which adds to the authenticity of the sentiments expressed. Charmingly laid back in tempo and mood, the band subvert this with anxious keyboards & drums & a menacingly slightly indistinct additional vocal (in French). If you begin thinking that this is going to be an easy listening experience then Batsch shake you out of your complacency. Good for them.

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