Fairport Convention with Izzie Derry

Fairport Convention with Izzie Derry


It is a particular pleasure to report a gig which features not only artists who are as important in the history of popular music as Fairport Convention are, but also an artist who has been reviewed several times in "Hot Music Live" magazine & has a track on our own "Hot Music Live Presents" album, namely Izzie Derry.


This is a fabulous reflection of the esteem in which Izzie is held & hopefully an important career step in terms of revealing to a much wider audience the talent known already to us locally & where she has been playing around the country.


It will be a magical night with "one of our own" sharing the stage with sublime musicians whose influence cannot be adequately measured & whose skills are beyond my abilities to capture when I come to try to review it I imagine.

See you there I hope...

Tickets are £25 from Temperance or via this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/262883197762088/



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