I want three volunteers, you, you and you

I want three volunteers, you, you and you


Of course, you can crack open your piggy bank, walk into any W.H.Smith and buy a voucher for a new life experience. Maybe drive a train, get a makeover, or become a rock 'n' roll star for an hour or two.  Or, easier on the wallet and more fun than a barrel of non-hominoid simians, you can sign up as a volunteer at a Beer and Music Festival. Maybe, as a totally random example, the 2018 Leamington Beer and Music festival. 

And that, of course, is how I came to spend my weekend building a water-cooled beer rack - basically meccano for grown ups. Then I learned to serve a perfect gin and tonic (fill the jigger over the glass,  add ice, shake well and let the customer add the tonic). Finally, I got the opportunity to photograph some of the area's grooviest musicians in front of an enthusiastically lubricated home crowd in the mood to party. 

It's a great deal with good times, free entry, complementary drinks and a chance to get dangerously close to an oompah band at full ooomp. Mind that euphonium Eugene. 

Interested in getting involved in 2019?  Contact volunteers@leamingtonbeerfestival.org

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