Live and loud bookings web service reviewed

Live and loud bookings web service reviewed

This is something a little different, a web service that acts as a matchmaker between acts and venues. They've got some stuff right too. Registering is pretty painless and non-intrusive and it has a nice clean interface with no ads. It's interesting to see fees openly listed and to get some intel on the sort of act that landlords are looking for. It also does a nice job making clear what equipment the venue expects you to bring along.

There's a gotcha though. Right now, there are very few venues signed up - for example only 12 within 40 miles of Coventry - and many of those aren't looking to spend much money. In fact many of the opportunities listed are looking for musicians for no fee open mics. Of the paid gigs, most of the events are for covers or 'emerging' and there's not much call for any sort of genre music.

At the moment, it feels like a great idea whose time has yet to come. On the other hand it's pretty low maintenance so maybe worth half an hour to register.



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