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"Love Again (Show You Care)" & 'Retrospective' by Rosetta Fire


Not surprisingly, it is a while since I've been able to report to you on Rosetta Fire. Thankfully though they have hit back by offering us not one but two new releases for me to tell you about today.

Taking a similar route to several other local multi-member bands such as Satsangi, Rosetta Fire have cut their cloth according to the circumstances and so we have today a re-worked song by just James Lapworth and Anthony Gliddon & (each working remotely from his own home) and a Rosetta Fire compilation.

Let's start with the former shall we? It's in aid of charity (Warwickshire's ‘Show You Care' campaign) so it's something I'd urge you to check out. They have had a fresh take on their song "Love Again" and appropriately titled it "Love Again (Show You Care)" with  their long time collaborator & producer George Shilling assisting by mastering it for them.

As a two person recording, not surprisingly the sound is considerably more stripped back in comparison to the considerable power of a full lineup which normally characterises their recordings. However not only does it work well (indicating the quality of the writing in that the song works across a range of arrangements) but it suits the compassionate nature of the song: Ant's emotional delivery (remarkably raw throughout) elevates the words & emphasises how much they care about the cause & those it touches.

There is an uplifting video for the song which can be enjoyed via this link:

and it has already had airplay on BBC Introducing for Coventry & Warwickshire.

Their new album, again appropriately named as ‘Retrospective', is interesting as it is not really a "Rosetta Fire's Greatest Hits" but a dozen "..‘fan favourite' tracks that band followers will have enjoyed hearing at Rosetta Fire's popular live gigs"

Thus we are able to enjoy "Stop & Stare", "Hummingbird", "I Can't Look You in the Eye", "Paper Heart Beats", "I Don't Know What It Is", "Eighteen", "Miss Educated", "She", "Make This Work", "Love Again", "Confusion" and "The Centurion", but interestingly, the singles are avoided. Hats off to the band for such an impressive compilation. The lure of putting all one's best known tracks together or for the very lucky, the best selling ones, is clear, though I've never quite grasped what criteria could be applied to a "best of.." since tastes of individual fans can be so different. However this for once actually does something fresh & innovative: it complements their single & EP releases by offering us completely different tracks that we won't have copies of at home (which will please fans & keep the band's abilities high in their consciousness while they can't catch them live) and also is a commendable gesture towards their audience by focusing on what they, rather than the band favour. It's also a powerful reminder of just what we are currently missing as Rosetta Fire are renowned for their live performances.

All in all, well worth the wait.

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New single by Rosetta Fire: "Shakedown"


Readers of "Hot Music Live" will not, I imagine, require reminding of my admiration for Rosetta Fire: so equally they'll not be surprised to hear of my considerable pleasure at being asked both to review their forthcoming single "Shakedown" for this magazine but also at the generous offer of the track for inclusion on the next volume of our new project "Hot Music Live Presents": so I must start this piece with huge thanks to the band (who are of course Anthony Gliddon (on vocals & guitar), James Lapworth (guitar& vocals),  Emily Knight (bass),
Matt Ball (keyboards),  Andy Wheeler (drums) and  Kev Stanley (cajon)). It is impossible to conceive of a project seeking to reflect the best in current Coventry & Warwickshire music which does not involve this group, one of the top bands currently active in that area: though of course Rosetta Fire are fast becoming nationally known & in fact are off on a national tour next month with "Hot Music Live Presents" stars Chasing Deer in support (see a review of their album in HML from December 8th 2018): isn't it great to see such talented artists from our local scene carrying the flag in this way? The nearest gig to the "Hot Music Live" heartland is at the Coventry Empire on February 9th: I hope many HML reading fans of both bands can make that.


Available on all platforms from 8th February , "Shakedown" is of course the follow up to much praised "Last Road To Rome" (reviewed in the magazine by HotMusicAl on October 19th 2018) and prior to that, the "On the Line" EP (reviewed on September 10th 2017). It's not just the writers in this magazine who tip them for greater success either: many local media including BBC Coventry & Warwickshire have been singing their praises for quite some time now.  

Produced by Speak, Brother's Matthew Cotterill (who also works with Joe Dolman among others) for Jamin Records, "Shakedown" certainly builds upon the finely honed Rosetta Fire characteristics noted in those previous reviews without retreading past glories. Thankfully this band have the nous to take what they are good at & use it as a framework to say something they believe in in a way which communicates effectively with their audience. The production is brilliantly clear (with musicianship this good there is nothing to hide or blur over: the trick is to enable each element to shine clearly in its own right as well as part of the overall picture). In fact, once again, a very central facet is the band's confidence in working the dynamics throughout the song to increase the impact. Another powerful & memorable number which fits well into their canon, nevertheless there are some quite quiet sections showcasing Anthony's voice (which is obviously one of their strongest cards) and serve to counterpoint & make the louder parts that much more effective. Like all their best work the song is infectious & verges on the anthemic without (again thankfully) going too far & sacrificing finesse. I expect this one will pretty quickly become a live favourite: let's hope it gets the airplay & sales on a similar scale.

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Rosetta Fire New Single "Last Road To Rome"


A Fat Penguin PR promotion ...

Rosetta Fire are a five piece rock band from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. The band have already garnered support from the likes of BBC Introducing where they have been previously named "Band of The Month" for one of their previous singles. The band's trademark sound blends tight harmonies, strong melodies and memorable lyrics with an added pinch of optimism.

Having recently signed with label Jamin Records and just finished recording with producer Matthew Cotterill (Joe Dolman, Natalie Holmes), the band are set to go on to bigger and better things with the release of their new single "Last Road To Rome" due out on the 26th October across all major platforms.

"The next big thing out of our region." - Coventry Observer

Launch Gig ...

  • 26th October at The Golden Cross, Coventry


Rosetta Fire EP review On the Line


Since I don't work for a commercial music magazine, I have the luxury of being able to review whom I choose. That means I review who I like. I would be uneasy reviewing any artist whose music I felt didn't move me in any way & I am pretty sure that anyone I have ever written about was someone I felt had the capacity to move onwards & upwards in their career  but also that I felt I'd like to see do so.

It is with pleasure therefore that my latest review is of a band whom I'd certainly cite within my top four of five from the Coventry & Warwickshire area as one I think currently has the potential & in my opinion, deserves to do well: namely Rosetta Fire. I am sure many Hot Music Live readers would agree with me on that as they have been a really popular live act for some years now & they have also been "Artists of the Month" on the BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Introducing show which for so many of us is a gold star mark of quality. If you do not know who they are, the band consists of Anthony Gliddon (vocals) and Jimmy Lapworth (guitar, vocals) who have played together as Rosetta Fire since 2009, plus Emily Knight on bass, Matt Ball (keyboards/guitar) and Andy Wheeler (drums).

To be honest, for one reason or another, I had not seen them for a while before the Leamington Peace Festival & you may recall my review of that event: what struck me that afternoon was the impact on me of their performance, given that to my mind it was one of the strongest Peace Festival lineups for a long long time and the impact on the audience: they played towards the end of a really sweltering day when everyone was wilting & still stirred up a storm. I imagine that many others have commented upon the obvious honesty & integrity of their playing, coupled with their power & subtlety, but I can't see why I can't reiterate these comments...: see my photo below from that day.

And so to the new EP: "On The Line"... which comes in a really witty & high production value sleeve... I never thought I'd mention that sort of thing in a review, but it is that good. If you buy it, you'll see what I mean, but I attach a glimpse for you too to whet your appetite. The music inside is even better. The four tracks were recorded in Warwickshire with producer and engineer George Shilling, who has worked with the likes of Primal Scream, Bernard Butler, Teenage Fanclub and Paul Weller.

The single, "Mr Telephone" appears as track 2: if I tell you that this song was selected for my current car mixtape, you'll guess what I think of it. A beautiful mix of moods & styles which fit together to create a song with multiple dynamics, which struts & pleads and even bounces as the lyrics require. A crisp instrumental arrangement which, as all good songs tend to my opinion, serves the story rather than stifling it with Anthony's trademark soulful voice taking the lead and glorious harmonies remarked on by Brody Swain no less.

The EP opens with "Cry Out Loud", a song co-written by Anthony & Matt (the other three are compositions by Anthony & James). If Brody likes the harmonies on "Mr Telephone" then I imagine he'll appreciate them on this one too: another powerful & melodic rock number with compelling shifts in pace & tension & which sets the tone for the EP effectively.

Track three is "FATM" which introduces a funkier side of the band to great effect. I particularly liked this track & it's going onto my next mixtape: I can't wait to hear it in the confines of a packed inside venue: I bet it goes down really well. The whole mixture is superb, but maybe I'll highlight the humour involved (often neglected in modern rock) and the guitar solo appealed too: reminded me of Ernie Isley a little: one of my favourite r'n'b players.

The final track is "You Turn Me On": perhaps the heaviest grooves on the EP and with a slight Peter Gabriel feel to the vocals and saturated with more cymbals than I have heard for a long time.

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