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Kyle Boswell Supporting The Children Of Ukraine


... posted on behalf of Kyle Boswell 


Local musician Kyle Boswell has been busy once again. With the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine becoming ever more dangerous, charities like WARCHILD UK are raising money to help children stuck in dangerous areas like Ukraine and indeed all over the world.

"It is now more important than ever that we give them our support." 

Kyle has teamed up with WARCHILD UK and music promoters HOTVOX to help raise funds to help these children. There will be a live streamed studio session of Kyle being broadcasted on Tuesday 12th April from 8pm, which is free to watch.

But the important part here is the fundraiser page link below. We are urging you to donate as much as you can spare to the cause. There are also nifty rewards for certain donation amounts!

If you wish to make a donation but cannot afford the minimum amount (£5), then get in touch with Kyle directly through social media (@KyleBoswellMusic on both Facebook and Instagram) to arrange a donation so that you can still help.

"Please get involved so we can give as much aid as we can to the children caught in this terrible situation."


You will be able to stream the event via the link above or via Facebook, here:

Background info from WarChild UK:

At War Child, we are driven by a single goal – ensuring a safe future for every child living through war.

We work to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children living through conflict and go to the hardest to reach places to support those who are hardest hit. We aim to be there for children who need us most, when they need us most.

We will never give up on children living through conflict.


"Bring Back The Sun" by Kyle Boswell


Many thanks to Rich Keogh for bringing the work of Nuneaton based musician  Kyle Boswell to my attention just in time to review his ‘Bring Back the Sun' EP which comes out on the 21st of this month and features both the title song and a reworking of his previously released "Hourglass". (Credit too to Andy Baldwin from Metropolis Studios in London for mastering)

 n fact I would recommend your spending time listening to both tracks since (having checked out some of his previous work), I think that "Hourglass" (presented here in a "Midnight Edition" form) more closely represents his signature work, which tends towards human scale narratives with "..a sense of local charm…" which he claims & I can perceive. He cites Alex Turner as an influence on his words and I can see why: and I like that.

The title track is a cheery upbeat number to brighten our January days: led by what sounds like a ukulele & words to match. The beat is steady and the words & tune easy to get your head around: you can easily imagine audiences being able to sing along to it. He acknowledges how the song is very much at the pop end of what he does but as he said to me, "..I don't think that's always a bad thing…" and again I agree. This one will get him airplay I hope & he can pick up new fans with it.

But just as the song has effective hooks, Kyle is being canny here & I suspect using it as a hook in itself to draw people in & then expose them to his more profound songs such as "Hourglass" which is much more contemplative with its starker arrangement & vocal and more anguished narrative, accentuated interestingly with howls of feedback

He seems to be making a name for himself already having played the O2 Arena in Bristol, the Kasbah in Coventry, Nuneaton's Queen's Hall and the Godiva Festival (with a gig at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham among those lined up for later this year) and has had play on BBC Introducing and Switch Radio (indeed it was being dubbed their "Switchmas Star" for 2021 that has led to the Sunflower Lounge opportunity)

It strikes me that Kyle has already got some admirable momentum going in his career and the new EP is a smart move to potentially add a few more mainstream fans to the indie ones I imagine he has won over so far.

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