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Deja Vu and friends at the Somerville

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Somewhere in the indeterminate zone between a gig and a jam session, Deja Vu and friends featured a brace of energetic Dejas, Midweeks and Mooncats, fronted by classic jazz vocals from Andrea, offering a fine work out on the Real Book. Highlights included a soulful Georgia, a lively Blue Bossa and an impish Don't Get Around Much Anymore.


Deja Vu at the Bedford Street bar

A fine night out with Deja Vu at this classy and jazz-friendly Leamington bar. Featuring new vocalist Tina with the regular line up of Andrew on sax, John on bass, Martin on keys and Simon on drums, it's the real McCoy with a fine selection of swing and latin standards served up with a neat groove and a generous dressing of lively improv.


Deja Vu at the Somerville

A deliciously authentic selection from the Real Book by Deja Vu with a generous serving of Swing and a complementary side of spicy Bossa.

Respect too to the Somerville for being a home to such a wide range of genre music from Celtic to Bluegrass via Jazz.


Deja Vu at the Somerville

So how come you get a slice of lime wedged in your bottle of Sol? The landlord at the Somerville knows why; in a hot climate the acid keeps the flies away from your lovely cold beer.

There are no flies on Deja Vu either as they deliver two stomping sets of jazz standards including a sultry Summertime, a luscious Misty and a cheeky Santa Baby. Vocalist Kat Pagett knows how to sell these tunes with expressive delivery and a light sprinkling of jazz scholarship while there's plenty of lively improv from the band riding on a clean, well-balanced groove.

The Somerville makes for a charming venue for this type of gig, cosy and friendly with a lively crowd, friendly staff and plenty of seating with a great view of the stage.