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"A Rather Silly History Of Coventry" Press Release

Local singer-songwriter David Goody can't resist writing songs about Coventry. Whether it's the local cuisine ("We Call It A Batch"), seismic shifts in the city ("Farewell Coventry IKEA" and "Oi Scholars, Bring Back Lambrini") or inventing Cov Christmas characters ("Spon End Santa" and "Rudy The 2-Tone Reindeer"). Now he's releasing his grandest project yet, a 21 track album telling the entire history of Coventry from Cofa's Tree to Gary Mabbutt's Knee and beyond.This album digs deep into the history of Coventry unveiling such momentous findings as Cofa the tree planting Saxon actually being the Monty Don of his age, Lady Godiva being the first person invited onto Ye Olde Love Island and Delia Derbyshire not actually being from Derbyshire. The album is a near encyclopaedic affair covering everything from Edward The Black Prince and ribbon weaving through to the escalators in the Upper Precinct.David says of the project "my songwriting mantra is to write about what you know. Time and again this has lead me to write about Coventry. As we enter into the 2021 City Of Culture year I felt a 21 track album looking at Coventry's history with tongue placed firmly in cheek would be a great way to try and lighten people's spirits in the New Year. The songs are a lovingly constructed mix of detailed historical facts about the city and complete nonsense I've made up. It's a fun game trying to unpick which is which at times".A music video for each of the tracks will be made available each Friday on David's YouTube channel, starting with Cofa & The Art Of Tree Planting on New Year's Day. The full album is released the same day on Bandcamp and on all major download and streaming sites later in the month. David's website also features an interactive map of Coventry with links to all the songs

For more visit:www.davidgoody.co.uk www.youtube.com/c/DavidGoodyMusic/ http://twitter.com/mrdavidgoody https://davidgoody.bandcamp.com



The Advent of Goody


Local singer-songwriter David Goody is no stranger to a Christmas song having provided bizarre festive cheer each year since the 2016 release of Spon End Santa (featuring a video cameo by Specials bassist Horace Panter), however this year's lockdown has sent him into overdrive. Instead of releasing a Christmas single, for 2020 he is unveiling the "Advent of Goody". This will comprise 24 original Christmas songs shared on 24 consecutive days as a musical countdown to yule.

The musical advent calendar will feature Coventry classics such as "Spon End Santa", "Rudy The 2-Tone Reindeer" and "The Elves Of Earlsdon"as well as some COVID spins on festive faves. It's a bad year for Chris Rea as lockdown means he's not going anywhere, so David has updated his "Driving Home For Xmas" to "Staying Home For Xmas". Meanwhile Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" has taken on new resonance and becomes "I Think We're At Home Now (For Xmas)". The seemingly endless US Election will also make an appearance in the John & Yoko inspired "Happy Xmas (Election Is Over)".

Finally, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without everyone's favourite feel good festive film - 'Die Hard'. David has updated 9 festive classics to have a Die Hard theme including "Hans Gruber Is Coming To Town", "John McClane's Winter Wonderland" and "Have Yourself A Yippie-Ki-Yay Christmas". 'Die Hard' writer Steve E De Souza has signalled his approval of these via Twitter (even if Bruce Willis still claims 'Die Hard' isn't a Christmas film). David says of the project "I like to think of myself as Coventry's novelty song version of Michael Buble and this year I'm pulling out all the stops. 2020 has been a crazy year and I'm inviting people to end in the most strangest way possible with a series of absurdly silly Christmas songs to take your mind off lockdown".

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